Girl Scout Troop Designs + Donates Hearing Aid Bling

At Girl Scouts, we’re all about building girls of courage, confidence, and character who change the world, just like the Juniors in Troop 55090. These girls created “hearing aid bling” to help kids who are deaf and hard of hearing be more confident in themselves.

Hearing aid bling
Baylee wearing a hearing aid bling
A hearing aid bling is an accessory that is designed and decorated to add a little bit of “sparkle and fun” to hearing aids. Troop 55090’s efforts and creativity helped them earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award as well as completing the It’s Your Story – Tell it aMUSE Girl Scout action journey!

It all started in January 2015, when Baylee (at that time, a member of Troop 55090) met another girl, Cami, who was her age and had mild to moderate hearing loss. Baylee received her first pair of hearing aid bling from Cami through an event hosted by MN Hands & Voices for children who are deaf and hard of hearing and their families. Baylee had undergone several surgeries since she was 11 months old to repair/remove her ear tubes, adenoids, and ear drums and had developed mild to moderate hearing loss and started wearing hearing aids in August 2014. Baylee received her second pair of hearing aid bling from a Girl Scout Brownie Troop 56171 who were donating bling for kids who wore hearing aids. Baylee later found out that the troop who had donated the bling was actually Cami’s troop!

Baylee’s experiences sparked her interests in helping other children become more confident with their hearing aids. After Baylee brought this idea to her troop, they agreed it would be a fun project, so they started planning.

Group of girls with hearing aid blingsThe girls hosted a carnival fundraiser that included a hearing aid bling table, games, and a fortune teller! People came and donated money or hearing aid bling supplies and materials. At their hearing aid bling table, the girls explained hearing aid bling to people in their community and gave them the opportunity to make a pair to be donated.

With their carnival fundraiser, the girls learned leadership, decision making skills, budgeting, and time management. They also raised enough funds and materials to make an additional 75 pairs of hearing aid bling! In the end, the troop donated a total of 85 hearing aid bling for children with hearing aids.

Way to go Troop 55090!