What to Expect from Girl Scouts

At Girl Scouts River Valleys, girls matter. We have served girls through a unique, all-girl environment for more than 100 years. That’s right—100 years! With that history, it’s safe to say we know girls. There are no limits to a girl’s success, and we create opportunities to help girls see that. As a Girl Scout member, your girl will enjoy a safe environment within a network of friends—new and old—where she can feel confident while learning and exploring.

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What Will We Do?

Girl Scouts’ activities are not only easy to participate in, but they teach real skills that will help your girl become the best she can be.

Learn more about what girls and leaders do at each Girl Scout level.

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Ways to Be a Girl Scout

Most parents start their conversation with us asking about troops for their daughter, but there are actually multiple ways to be a Girl Scout.

Learn about the ways to be a Girl Scout—joining troops, attending events, going to camp, or even being a Girl Scout on your own.

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Other Common Questions

Girls and families lead busy lives, and we understand that when you sign up for something, you want to make it count. Below are some other questions we commonly hear from families interested in Girl Scouts, and we invite you to ask us any others you have.

When Can My Daughter Join?
Girls can join as Girl Scout Daisies in Kindergarten, or at any time up through twelfth grade. Learn more about what girls do at each level of our program.

Fall is the best time to join if you plan to participate in Girl Scouts as part of a troop. You can join at other times of the year and participate by attending events, going to camp, or participating as a Juliette, an independent Girl Scout. Learn more about the ways to be a Girl Scout.

How Do I Find Her a Troop? How Do I Join?
Girl Scout Troops form in the early fall, and you can search for troops in your area by visiting our registration site.

If troops are still getting up and running, or if you’re looking at other times of the year, you may see fewer options. No matter what, you’ll see an option to join with other local girls of your daughter’s age, and our placement team will be in touch to help you form a troop together.

You’ll also see the option, “I want to lead her troop”, which is a way for you to get her registered and begin the process of volunteering yourself. Girl Scout troops are volunteer-led, so standing up to lead is a great way to make sure her troop will start meeting early in the season.

What's the Time Commitment for Girl Scouts?

For Girls

We recommend that troops at most grade levels meet twice a month, but the time commitment for Girl Scouts can vary depending on the troop volunteers and the activities girls are interested in doing. Most troops meet throughout the school year, and some go to camps or do activities over the summer. Girls can also attend Girl Scout camps and events individually. These programs vary widely by subject and include themes like Wacky Inventors, robotics camp,  summer camps, and more. There’s always something to do in Girl Scouting!

For Adults

Girl Scout troops are volunteer-led, so you’ll be asked to contribute some time to make sure your daughter has a great experience. Each troop needs at least two troop leaders, and adults tend to use four hours per meeting to prepare and lead the group. There are also opportunities to lead the troop’s Fall Product and Cookie Programs, which ask for your time for only a couple of months of the year. If those roles don’t work for you, you can also help out as a “troop volunteer”, which means that you’ll help with transportation to activities, chaperoning on overnights, or other occasional tasks.

How Much Does Girl Scouts Cost?
Girl Scout Daisy (K–1) and Brownie (2–3) parents report spending an average of $130 per year. There is financial assistance available for all of the costs outlined below, and many troops cover these costs with their earnings from the Cookie and Snacks + Magazines Programs.

Item Cost
National Membership Dues $25
Uniform and Books
This is the cost of a Girl Scout Daisy Starter Kit, a convenient way to purchase all of the uniform and book items at once. Prices vary by grade level and uniform options.
Troop Dues
This is an average; not all troops charge dues, and they set an amount that meets their needs. Troops use dues to cover program and activity costs.
Optional: Two Council Events
Not all troops go to events together, and girls can choose to go to additional events individually. Program fees vary and depend on the activity and event length—this amount is based off of average fees.
Optional: Girl Scout Camp
Some troops go to camp together, and girls can go individually or with family members. This is the average cost for a 4-day camp, and you can learn more on our camp site.
Total $110-$440